Behaviour Support Practitioners

As a Behaviour Support Clinician, you'll have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families by providing them with the support and tools they need to overcome challenges, build resilience, and achieve their goals. This role offers the chance to work with a diverse range of clients and apply evidence-based strategies and techniques to create positive change. Join our team and help us make a real difference in the world through your expertise, passion, and dedication to improving the lives of those in need. 

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Behaviour Support Officer

The Behaviour Support Officer role is a specially designed role for people who are not yet registered Behaviour Support Practitioners under the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission, but who have experience in health, mental health or supporting people living with disabilities or challenging behaviours and a passion for achieving quality client outcomes.


This position is designed with a skill development and training package, with the aim for registration as a CORE level Practitioner within 12 months.

Behaviour Support Practitioner
Behaviour Support Practitioners are registered with the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission at a minimum of CORE level. They are dedicated professionals enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health, or behavioural challenges through applied behaviour analysis (ABA) principles to promote positive change and wellbeing.
Team leader - Behaviour Support

Team Leaders should aim for at least a PROFICIENT level, working towards SPECIALIST or ADVANCED (NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission Framework). 

The Behaviour Support Team Leader holds primary responsibility for optimizing the performance of a team of Behaviour Support Practitioners. This includes meeting billing requirements and upholding the highest care quality standards.

Our Senior Practitioners also sit within this realm however TLs hold a lesser caseload to balance the support they provide for their team.

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​Quick Facts


Clients with a huge variety of support needs


Supportive and engaged clinical colleagues

Flexible Remuneration Packages & Work Conditions

Respect and Autonomy

Work Life Integration

Work Life Integration is a self-management style where instead of being directed that things must be completed with specific hours - you are trusted to balance your needs and the needs of the position.  

You might be someone that enjoys teaching a Yoga class in the morning - at 9 am and why shouldnt you?  Instead of missing that aspect of your life to meet an arbitrary 'working day' develop a plan that allows you to work at the best time for you.

With all the opportunities that the Central West of New South Wales offers being able to be flexible allows you to enjoy the most of what the region has to offer to create a lifestyle that is driven by your choices.

Working full time is only supposed to occupy 42% of your waking hours but when you love your work and you get to choose how to do it - it means that instead of a daily grind you actually have a life.

​About the role

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a Senior Clinician and Behaviour Support Practitioners who have extensive experience assisting people and their support networks meeting behavioural needs.  The position would be supporting young people, aged people and people with a disability.  This person (we hope its you!) has the drive to work with complex clients and develop genuine rapport to help change lives.

This position is not discipline specific as challenging behaviour work is a discipline in its own right.

This senior clinician (we hope it is you!) has the drive to be autonomous in their work but engage with a team in order to meet their own needs as well as clients.  This can mean providing and receiving peer supervision or just working well alongside a professional admin team.

Ultimately, for the senior role - we are looking for someone who is an expert in their field of work and wants to continue to refine their mastery of the craft - as well as have a stimulating and engaging relationship with colleagues.

For the Behaviour Support Practitioner role, we are looking for someone with experience supporting people with complex and challenging behaviours to increase their quality of life and meet their goals and aspirations. 


We currently have opportunities in our Orange Office & our new Dubbo location for this position.

What Qualifications do you need?


  • Eligability for NDIS BIS Registration at the Core, Specialist and/or Advanced level.
  • Diligence, Kindness and Knowledge


  • Advanced and knowledge training in Trauma Informed Behaviour Support and Family Centred Practice
  • Training in recognised programs for behaviour support such as the Institute for Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Post-Graduate Qualification in behaviour analysis
  • Post-Graduate Qualifications in specific discipline
  • Post-Graduate Qualifications in Mental Health and Comorbidities.


  • Develop complex Behaviour Assessment and Supports for individuals transitioning to the community after long-term institutionalisation
  • Able to work with people in the community working alongside existing support networks
  • Conduct and Complete documentation of assessments, treatment plans and evaluations; these include – specific case reporting, including risk assessment.
  • Apply Independent professional judgement to a complex array of caseloads
  • Provide supervision and support to colleagues (Senior Clinician)
  • Provide input into the strategic direction of the organisation
  • Manage time and scheduling with administration support to ensure Health and Wellbeing
  • Provide Expertise, Compassion and Warmth to Colleagues and clients.

What do we offer?

We offer a salary and conditions that suit both your needs and the companies needs.  Whilst we use the Health Professionals and Support Services Award as a base we understand that in the Allied Health industry particularly - no two peoples needs are going to be the same.  To support that we work with you to develop a package to meet your needs.  For some people Parental Leave is essential whilst for others Supported Study Leave is the key to achieving a work life integration - others want the company to provide their accommodation.  Rather than offer a predetermined set of conditions we will meet with you and work out the best option for every one within the scope of a 'package'.

Anticipated Package Range: $70,000 to $125,000 (ex. Superannuation) variable dependent on expertise and experience

What sort of things should you consider?

Without trying to preempt your lifestyle - here are some examples of what has been negotiated in the past:

Study Leave - For each week the staff member included in their package the company provided an additional week
Parental Leave - Taken over varied time periods and with the company topping up the minimum allowance to maintain the standard wage
Work from Home - Or alternative hours arrangements to suit your worklife integration
Accommodation Provided - Accommodation provided by the company as part of the package
Internship Supervision - Costs covered by the company 

However this list is not comprehensive, we want you to tell us what sort of supports can help you to grow and develop mastery over your craft in a positive and enduring experience!

​Great Location

With offices in great locations in the Central West of New South Wales and more planned to be open, this role opens the door to a different lifestyle.  Personally, I love it!  Instead of a commute - from my front doorstep to the office is a 7-minute drive with minimal traffic.  Regional centers offer all the benefits of a metro area without all the hassles.

Living in Bathurst information

Living in Orange information

Living in Dubbo information

Universities & Higher Education

Bathurst hosts the CSU primary campus and enables access to ongoing higher education and other opportunities.

Close to the City

Being 2 to 3 hours from Sydney is just that perfect distance!  

If there was something you wanted to access it is an $8.50 train ride from Bathurst and a great chance to read a book on the way.

And yet you can still enjoy a 5 minute commute from your home to work in town.

Extra Curricular

In addition to being the home of FOOD Week – one of Australia’s premier gastronomic festivals, Orange offers culinary and wine delights year round. Orange is now recognised as one of Australia’s premier wine growing regions and enjoys an abundance of gourmet restaurants and tantalising cafes.

In addition to the ‘car race that stops a nation’ – the Bathurst 1000 on Mount Panorama – Bathurst is known for its passionate pursuit of sporting and recreational activities. Well-serviced by a range of high-quality facilities and venues, there are over 70 different sporting groups and organisations that call Bathurst home.

Dubbo is the gateway to further regional and remote NSW adventures. It is also the home of the Taronga Western Plains Zoo and the Shoyoen Japanese Gardens. Dubbo has activities for all interests including adventure water activities and opportunities to learn and explore more of Aboriginal Australian culture and history.