Daniel Jarvis

"Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude."
― Victor Frankl

My name is Daniel Jarvis and I am a registered Psychologist and Behaviour Support Consultant (Registration #0001883699).

As part of becoming a psychologist I have completed an internship requiring over 3080 hours of supervised practice in addition to rigorous demonstrations of abilities to conduct formal psychological testing, various therapy engagement techniques and counselling skills. This internship was completed under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency guidelines between 2014-16.

I hold a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology), a Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology from Charles Sturt University, a Specialist Certificate in Criminology (Forensic Disabilities) from the University of Melbourne and a Masters of Forensic Mental Health from Griffith University. 

I am currently completing a Masters of Clinical Psychology through the University of New England. I previously studied with the Institute of Applied Behavioural Analysis (IABA). I like to remain actively engaged in both education and research.

I have extensive experience in working with children and adolescents with behavioural related problems such as ADHD, ODD and Conduct Disorder. Concurrent with this work, I have made a focus on psychological assessment services of varying types. In addition, I enjoy working with adults seeking assistance with various issues from mood disorders to relationship support.

I have extensive experience in working with people with Intellectual Disabilities across Australia. A passion of mine is Forensic Disability work and I have worked with all levels and associated agencies within the Criminal Justice System. On a broader level I have also done extensive work with systems design and reviews within the disability sector, restrictive practices authorisation, reviews and establishment of systems; staff training and development.

My experience includes extensive work within related fields such as Substance Abuse treatment and Mental Health in co-occurring presentations with Intellectual Disabilities. I am a passionate believer in evidence based practice and ongoing education.

Conference Papers:

‘Volatile Substance Abuse Treatment in Central Australia: A Five Year Review’ Daniel Jarvis; Michelle McGuirk; Dorian Dent. Paper presented at the Anex National Drug Abuse Conference (2010)